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TV Singing Competitions

My journey started on the X Factor, when I was 23 years old. Next was Season 17 of the Voice in 2019, where I appeared on TV in front of the judges and even got a hug from Gwen Stefani and was told to come back, I'm still contemplating that. Now post-pandemic, I was fortunate to be called to audition for the newest reality singing competition, Alter Ego, airing on Fox, starting September 22, following the Masked Singer. Hope you follow my journey.



Jay Miah, aka Jeremiah Pagan, appeared on the X Factor on September of 2011 and made it to Hollywood Week.  LA Reid said, "voices like yours are the reason great songs are written."

Season 17 2019

Jay appeared on The Voice, Season 17. He sang what Kelly Clarkson called, 'a big song.'  Even though the judges didn't turn, Gwen was SHOCKED and was upset she didn't hit her button, Kelly said "you have an incredible voice" and Blake Shelton said, "if we had seen you perform, we would have pushed our buttons."


Premiere Season 2021

Jay Miah appears as Naveah King in the premiere season of AlterEgo, a singing competition on FOX featuring contestants as avatars.

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